11 Sep

The age old question of can exercise prevent injuries or make them worse is one you hear as an osteopath all the time, therefore we need research to quantify our thinking. A study looked at exercise intervention in over 25 trials, they tested stretching, proprioception training, strength training and multiple training exposure to see if this reduced the athletes injury rate. 

The research quite unsurprisingly showed that Strength training reduced sports injuries to less than 1/3 and overuse injuries could be almost halved and also seeing positive outcomes in the proprioception and multiple training groups. However they did not show that the stretching group showed any improvement to injury prevention. Interestingly stretching is always the go to as a patient when feeling tight stiff and sore so it may be time for a change and that preemptive exercise is the key to unlocking a pain free life. Although the study did not show that there was any negative effect to the stretching group so it could still be beneficial for a patient whether it only be psychological aspects of being active. 

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