10 Sep

New research conducted in the USA has suggested that osteopathy could be a useful tool to help patients manage their pain.

Patient Engagement Hit reported on the study carried out at the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC), which highlighted a number of reasons why being treated by an osteopath rather than a medical doctor could prove beneficial.

They included the emphasis on whole-person care and empathy between the osteopath and the patient. These things can result in improved patient satisfaction with their care, as well as reducing the amount of medication required to control chronic pain.

In the States, where opioid epidemics are a serious issue, this could help redress the balance and introduce other forms of pain management to medicine.

The researchers found that patients with chronic lower back pain in particular experienced improved outcomes when they visited an osteopath rather than a doctor.

John Licciardone, of the UNTHSC’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, commented: “That patients of osteopathic physicians reported lower levels of pain catastrophizing and were more resilient and better able to cope with their pain may explain the lower levels of disability.”

The researchers did acknowledge that their study was only small, and that they only spoke to people who either saw a doctor or an osteopath, not patients who visited both, making it difficult to draw true comparisons.

Seeing an osteopath in Chelsea is a good first step if you’re struggling with back pain. You might be able to make some simple changes to your life that could help alleviate your issues too. Take a look at our recent blog about how to prevent back pain at work. Setting up your desk and chair correctly could make more of a difference than you may think.

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