31 Jan

Cortico steroid injections are commonly used as a first defence for tendon injuries and arthritis, however are they really the best treatment for the patient in the long term. In 2019 a study was carried out asking this exact question, it looked at the short term and long term outcomes of steroid injections into numerous sites as the table below states. The study concluded that short term benefits are possible with this treatment however long term benefits are extremely unlikely with the high risk of potential tissue damage. I personally find this extremely interesting as patient seem to be offered this procedure so frequently, are they aware of the full picture? It seems to all come down to what the patient is wanting to get out of the treatment, if a patient is looking for a quick fix and is really not looking into the future potentially I could be the right choice. However most patient seem to be looking to the long term, which would mean that they would need to know all the facts to be able to make a informed decision as to whether a injection is needed. 

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