08 Nov

How effective is exercise when it comes to lower back pain? this is a question we hear in clinic all the time. As it so happens a study has been carried out for this exact purpose, the results are as expected and what the general thinking has been for a long time, that exercise is fantastic for lower back pain and in particular resistance training along with aerobic training have been proven to be the most effective. Obviously when it comes to exercise form is everything so making sure you are doing the exercises correctly is critical however the positive news coming out of this article is that there is so much you can do to help yourself aswell as the treatment you receive in clinic. "There is low quality evidence that Pilates, stabilisation/motor control, resistance training and aerobic exercise training are the most effective treatments" incidentally the research has given low quality evidence for pilates training even though it is seeming to be the go to exercise for back pain in the past few years, potentially seems like further research may be needed.  

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