09 Oct

With ski season just around the corner its important to look at the injury prevalence associated with this sport. Recently a study was carried out on injuries in elite women ski jumpers which has a particularly high injury rate. The most common location of injury was unsurprisingly the knee with ligament rupture being the top diagnosis, with the majority of the injuries being acute and requiring time away from training. Interestingly 91% of the cohort examined reported they undertook a injury prevention protocol of exercise, 65% reported stability training, 60% lower limb strength training, 24% mobility training, 16% core training, 20% reported physio intervention on a regular basis and 11% had massage treatment. Injuries among elite female ski jumpers are common and a substantial proportion of these injuries result in time loss from training and competition. The majority of the injuries were sustained on the ski jumping hill and poor weather conditions may be a risk factor. Implementing a standardised injury prevention programme for all athletes could improve this variation. A programme designed with specific exercises for ski jumping athletes based on components considered vital in injury prevention training

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