19 Sep

Skins and under clothing is a huge market in sports and athletics but what are we trying to gain out of wearing them? are they just fashion? or do they actually give us an advantage in sporting performance. 

The simple answer is yes sporting performance can be gained via compression. During exercise, a number of events are involved in the damage-inflammation-recovery process and they are initiated very quickly following the damaging activity. Therefore, rapid use of compression clothing or treatment is important. This data provides new information that the use of compression garments promotes and suggests that a more rapid recovery of muscle function, muscle soreness and systemic creatine kinase activity when compared to not wearing them.

The use of compression garments appears to reduce the severity of DOMS, accelerate the recovery of muscle function and attenuate the concentration of creatine kinase following strenuous exercise. These findings indicate that wearing a compression garment may improve recovery following intense training and competition; this has implications for both elite athletes and recreational populations.

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