12 Jul

Anyone experiencing acute or chronic pain will know how exhausting it can be and what a toll it can take - and no doubt you’ll have tried many different courses of treatment if you are suffering in this way.

But if you haven’t tried shockwave therapy in London , or elsewhere, it might be worth looking into this particular procedure to see if it can make a difference to you and your daily life. This form of therapy is used in the likes of sport medicine, physiotherapy, orthopaedics, urology and so on, offering both fast pain relief and mobility restoration.

The fact that it’s a non-surgical form of treatment will no doubt be appealing, as will the fact that no painkillers are needed, so it’s perfect for accelerated recovery times and can ease the symptoms of conditions causing chronic or acute pain.

It involves sending an acoustic wave through the body using a special device, with high energy carried to painful places in the body to help support regeneration and reparation of bones, tendons and so on.

It can be used to treat the likes of heel spurs, tennis elbow, painful or frozen shoulders, jumper’s knee, calcifications, hip pain, chronic tendinopathy and more.

The procedure itself is a simple one and nothing to worry about. The place that needs to be treated will be located using palpation before gel is applied to help ease the transfer of acoustic waves. Then device is gently pushed against the area of the body in question to transmit the waves.

You may feel a bit of discomfort during the treatment but the procedure isn’t a long one and you should be able to tolerate the pain - but make sure you communicate how you’re feeling with your practitioner.

Find out more about chronic pain and what you can do on the Practical Pain Management website.

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